US Visa

1. 今日自然醒了
過程: 發緊夢比人鬧 之後憤怒之下出拳 點知訓緊覺既我真係physically出拳 之後醒了 哈哈

2. China Travel Guide from WikiTravel (Cultural Practice of the people in China)

  • Staring: common through most of the country. The staring usually originates out of sheer curiosity, almost never out of hostility.
  • Loud conversations, discussions or public arguments:
  • Pushing, shoving and/or jumping queues: this often occurs anywhere where there are queues, particularly at train stations.

以上三件事 今朝係香港地鐵站完全體現到 特別係starring, 雖然我自己有時都會不經意bear 人..well but then

3. 控訴 US Student Visa 所需時間: 1小時 20 分
仲要係室外 熱到死 幾驚排到我既時候我已經暈低
interview 問題: “wow MIT , great school, so you doing PhD there?”
A: “(wtf?!) ..undergraduate..”
下..我今日個outfit 咁young 都以為我PhD? 玩野..

4. 難題: 如何運用 智破睹場 既 $26,000?
–lenovo notebook for dad, digital camera, clothes and stuffs, new earphone, 羽yung, $1,000 for sichuan,
買naruto bk 40 41, student visa 錢.. …… (天音: 咁搞法好快用完)

5. 有感食量過大 所以去左做gym 燃燒calories, 帶左 maroon 5 ‘songs about jane’ 隻碟 (bday present from teresa ho XD) 去聽, 真爽

6. hmmm double major sounds great…wht about Environmental Engineering + Urban Studies and Planning, with minor in Japanese? well then i will be officially ‘hosed**’ in the coming 4 years.. why make my life so busy fi0ni?? haha then it is Course 1+ Course 11…Course 111?? (orz)

** hosed:
the MIT version: to be completely mentally and physically exhausted from completing some form of academic work typically within the last 8 hours of it being due.
E.g.: Man I am hosed, I stayed up all night finishing a pset.

2 thoughts on “US Visa”

  1. 2. pretty good description. ill have to suffer through the noise level and the pushing in two weeks.
    4. at first i thought you donated 1k USD for sichuan. O.O
    fortunately i have some currency knowledge…
    6. hahahha, 1+11 combo sounds pretty original. and, of course, the minor in japanese that goes with them is unique, too.

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