it may be a good idea to start a new blog ..marking the threshold of a new stage…
still struggling, should i disclose my identity or keep it anonymous?
should I write in chinese or english?
should i send this to my friends, publicize it in facebook xanga, or just keep it secret ?
what should I write? daily life? secrets? inner thoughts? parodies? or random posts?

anyway..Im determined to write in here in the future 4 years
from June 11, 2008, hell enjoying my holiday , sitting in my air-conditioned home watching japanese drama,
till the day May 2012, (hopefully) graduated from MIT.

let’s see .. what i’ve done today;
watched 2 episodes of ‘Last Friends;, ‘Lost in Translation’
going to US Consulate tomorrow for my student visa (given that I could get out of bed at 8am)
also waiting for the replies of interns (which chances are slim to none)

whatever, si darn la
and forgive my laziness…. in the page “About” is what i’ve written for the first entry of my previous blog.
a no-longer-active blog commemorating my doomed days in 2008 .
well, still nice to employ some extracts as an ‘about’ of my new happy blog :)

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