Being a white male

2020年,其實要做一個straight、有權有錢的white male是最難的。 因為自動被批鬥。

【 WFH】在家工作的好與壞

selective focus photography of woman using macbook pro

最近我們公司也推出了很mild的wfh policy,週一三五|週二四| split office。


  1. save掉了commute的時間、車錢和精神(以及對環境好一點)對於每天到東涌/太古上班的我,這必然是第一大好處。
  2. 不用換衣服、梳頭、化妝、戴口罩整個人也relax d,也save了time and effort。(雖然需要露面的video conference還需要整理一下儀容,但一定是睡褲!)
  3. 今天本人肚子痛了💩 wfh可以不停去自己的廁所是幸福!
  4. 可以小睡片刻 XD 可以隨時到雪櫃拿點零食
  5. Teams/Zoom可以share screen,更方便。
  6. 唔需要見老闆
  7. 可以有privacy講電話


  1. 可以無限print嘢!
  2. 可以有大monitor!
  3. 可以面對面傾談,三口六面講清楚!冇time lag!





  1. 見到舊同學share了Form 5 Farewell Programme的video。回想當年的高材生們(唔係我),search一下,基本上所有人清一色都是律師醫生
  2. 今年天下大亂,search一下,似乎沒有一位玄學家預測過今年會有全球大疫症。所以算命八字占卜,也不需要太盡信。

Simone de Beauvoir – The Second Sex

One is not born, but rather becomes, a woman. No biological, psychological or economic fate determines the future that the human female presents in society” – “The Second Sex” by Simone de Beauvoir

Simone de Beauvoir is the famous French writer/philosopher known for her philosophical work in existentialism (see another post here on her life-long partner Jean-Paul Sartre on existentialism – ) and feminism.

Existentialism – Human beings have no functions / nature / “predestined” blueprint. We have the absolute freedom to choose who we want to be. However, freedom is painful. to relieve from such anguish, some would rather become “object-like”.

Feminism – Oppression is when one “Subject” treats another party as “Object” / “Other”. Women have no choice but to be the “Absolute Other”.


Learn more about Simone de Beauvoir here: