black friday

now playing: 転がる岩、君に朝が降る-ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION
translation: 朝早滾動的岩石向你落下 (誤)…rolling stones pour on you in the morning?

black friday … seriously..i f hate rainy days…頹廢 again ..あぁぁ。。もう。。
and can’t go to ocean park tomorrow… /_\ so disappointed

some decisions:
FAS: The time of your life, GPS and environmental risk
Housing: Simmons, Baker, Burton Conner, New House, MacGregor
HASS: jap culture, jap history, east asian history, linguistics, making public policy
from my choices ..seems that im not a very science person at all @@….orz

空撮百景:空から見た日本100景 好靚!!!

how come half of the ppl i know are in japan now gaa, yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

one day i should really try not to mention anything
MIT-related or japan-related or McDonald-related or イケメン**-related
to prove im not that boring and repetitive…-_____-”


introduce yourself wor..

明明最簡單既問題, 但我就最憎答..”introduce yourself” 實在係太煩人的一條問題了..可以好淺 可以好深 可以好長 可以好短

Please tell us five things about yourself that you’d like your advisor to know – interests, hobbies, etc.
What makes you who you are?

My Name:
Fi0ni = because Fiona is too common, I changed my name in Grade 3.
Ka Hei = which means the “Hope of Family” in Chinese.

A Chinese girl (born,raised, and studied in Hong Kong for 19 years) who is readily accepting challenges to push herself beyond her comfort zone.

in MIT:
Intended double major in Environmental Engineering and Urban Planning
(Course 1+ Course 11= Course 111!) with minor in Japanese. Anticipating to ride my bike around Cambridge and explore the city.
Would like to learn something new in MIT, say joining the Kendo club!

TRAVEL(survived traveling in Tokyo alone for a month with my not-too-conversational Japanese) LANGUAGES (always searching lyrics in different languages, though usually clueless, I would try to understand them with dictionaries)PEOPLE(love meeting with people from different backgrounds & cultures)

continue Master degree, then return Hong Kong and do whatever I could to ameliorate the unacceptable level of urban pollutions in this small city..and extend it to the greater China, and hopefully, have a happy marriage @_@

妖 好廢呀呀呀呀

take introduction to japanese culturehistory of modern japan , 1853-2000 好呢?
之後仲要take 埋 Japanese III … (天音: 係咪誇張左少少呢)
history 我真係唔識, 所以想認識…但culture 好似有趣d?

just another day

tai wai ->qb house->fried chicken leg ->walk to che kung temple->walk to hong kong heritage museum->walk to new town plaza->game arcade->shatin KCR->翡翠小籠包->photo hunt->bought earphone!->see hifi->back home–>enjoying new earphone! 以上です。

US Visa

1. 今日自然醒了
過程: 發緊夢比人鬧 之後憤怒之下出拳 點知訓緊覺既我真係physically出拳 之後醒了 哈哈

2. China Travel Guide from WikiTravel (Cultural Practice of the people in China)

  • Staring: common through most of the country. The staring usually originates out of sheer curiosity, almost never out of hostility.
  • Loud conversations, discussions or public arguments:
  • Pushing, shoving and/or jumping queues: this often occurs anywhere where there are queues, particularly at train stations.

以上三件事 今朝係香港地鐵站完全體現到 特別係starring, 雖然我自己有時都會不經意bear 人..well but then

3. 控訴 US Student Visa 所需時間: 1小時 20 分
仲要係室外 熱到死 幾驚排到我既時候我已經暈低
interview 問題: “wow MIT , great school, so you doing PhD there?”
A: “(wtf?!) ..undergraduate..”
下..我今日個outfit 咁young 都以為我PhD? 玩野..

4. 難題: 如何運用 智破睹場 既 $26,000?
–lenovo notebook for dad, digital camera, clothes and stuffs, new earphone, 羽yung, $1,000 for sichuan,
買naruto bk 40 41, student visa 錢.. …… (天音: 咁搞法好快用完)

5. 有感食量過大 所以去左做gym 燃燒calories, 帶左 maroon 5 ‘songs about jane’ 隻碟 (bday present from teresa ho XD) 去聽, 真爽

6. hmmm double major sounds great…wht about Environmental Engineering + Urban Studies and Planning, with minor in Japanese? well then i will be officially ‘hosed**’ in the coming 4 years.. why make my life so busy fi0ni?? haha then it is Course 1+ Course 11…Course 111?? (orz)

** hosed:
the MIT version: to be completely mentally and physically exhausted from completing some form of academic work typically within the last 8 hours of it being due.
E.g.: Man I am hosed, I stayed up all night finishing a pset.