just another day

tai wai ->qb house->fried chicken leg ->walk to che kung temple->walk to hong kong heritage museum->walk to new town plaza->game arcade->shatin KCR->翡翠小籠包->photo hunt->bought earphone!->see hifi->back home–>enjoying new earphone! 以上です。

US Visa

1. 今日自然醒了
過程: 發緊夢比人鬧 之後憤怒之下出拳 點知訓緊覺既我真係physically出拳 之後醒了 哈哈

2. China Travel Guide from WikiTravel (Cultural Practice of the people in China)

  • Staring: common through most of the country. The staring usually originates out of sheer curiosity, almost never out of hostility.
  • Loud conversations, discussions or public arguments:
  • Pushing, shoving and/or jumping queues: this often occurs anywhere where there are queues, particularly at train stations.

以上三件事 今朝係香港地鐵站完全體現到 特別係starring, 雖然我自己有時都會不經意bear 人..well but then

3. 控訴 US Student Visa 所需時間: 1小時 20 分
仲要係室外 熱到死 幾驚排到我既時候我已經暈低
interview 問題: “wow MIT , great school, so you doing PhD there?”
A: “(wtf?!) ..hmm..no ..undergraduate..”
下..我今日個outfit 咁young 都以為我PhD? 玩野..

4. 難題: 如何運用 智破睹場 既 $26,000?
–lenovo notebook for dad, digital camera, clothes and stuffs, new earphone, 羽yung, $1,000 for sichuan,
買naruto bk 40 41, student visa 錢.. …… (天音: 咁搞法好快用完)

5. 有感食量過大 所以去左做gym 燃燒calories, 帶左 maroon 5 ‘songs about jane’ 隻碟 (bday present from teresa ho XD) 去聽, 真爽

6. hmmm double major sounds great…wht about Environmental Engineering + Urban Studies and Planning, with minor in Japanese? well then i will be officially ‘hosed**’ in the coming 4 years.. why make my life so busy fi0ni?? haha then it is Course 1+ Course 11…Course 111?? (orz)

** hosed:
the MIT version: to be completely mentally and physically exhausted from completing some form of academic work typically within the last 8 hours of it being due.
E.g.: Man I am hosed, I stayed up all night finishing a pset.


it may be a good idea to start a new blog ..marking the threshold of a new stage…
still struggling, should i disclose my identity or keep it anonymous?
should I write in chinese or english?
should i send this to my friends, publicize it in facebook xanga, or just keep it secret ?
what should I write? daily life? secrets? inner thoughts? parodies? or random posts?

anyway..Im determined to write in here in the future 4 years
from June 11, 2008, hell enjoying my holiday , sitting in my air-conditioned home watching japanese drama,
till the day May 2012, (hopefully) graduated from MIT.

let’s see .. what i’ve done today;
watched 2 episodes of ‘Last Friends;, ‘Lost in Translation’
going to US Consulate tomorrow for my student visa (given that I could get out of bed at 8am)
also waiting for the replies of interns (which chances are slim to none)

whatever, si darn la
and forgive my laziness…. in the page “About” is what i’ve written for the first entry of my previous blog.
a no-longer-active blog commemorating my doomed days in 2008 .
well, still nice to employ some extracts as an ‘about’ of my new happy blog :)