moved in!

Simmons hall -__- officially moved in 5 mins ago, can’t see a single soul here yet, can’t see my roomate,
in my room g-baily connected to the internet…dont know what im doing
jetlag–i want to sleep, i want to take a shower and sleep

the 12-hour difference is a thing…the english environment is another thing…
-_- i just feel so tired….


1st day.

ah so sleepy now.. 7:28am  HKG= 7:28pm MA…i wanna sleep T_T

1. got a new mobile at Verizon…as in, a mobile phone (US 30 XD) + a number
2. got my student ID and freshman package
3. visit my room and Simmons!! damn awesome :) bumped into a few int students there!
4. bought laundry basket, shampoo xx, spoon bowl cup, bedsheeets,and MIT hooooodies!!
5. travel around by Subway..maybe i should get a CharlieCard soon? hai ng hai ah KO??
6. maybe i should stop writing in point form!! hhahah
7. ng sic tai Farenheit.. F ..i prefer celcius…

will move in tomorrow!!

chat a bit and know that he studied physics in keio and exchanged to harvard..
aiyaaaaaaaaa orz i didnt ask for his name!!!!!! >ooooooooooo<
if not can stalk him on facebook la..he is exactly my cup of tea hahahahahaha (ORZ)


So, Here I am..Boston! Well, actually i haven’t move in yet..nor going to any places near to MIT. precisely im not at Boston, but a hotel in Brookline, MA. so finally finally finally, i’ve landed on this place..where i gonna spend 4 years! my feeling is :

1. intimidated by all those guai jai guai mui, american english around..
2. ppl r too slow, places r too far away, ppl look r too casual (hurray, everyone wears flipflop!!)
3. buidlings here r quite british..sth related to its name “New England”? well..feel a bit ashamed for doing no research of this place before coming -__-“”
4. First time going to a place that i DO not hv to adjust my watch..damn but 12-hour-difference is VERY difficult to adapt
5. I cried at airport, just a sudden burst of emotion…well i think im quite influenced by Fuji-kun saying.. that holding tears r not any morals or what..
6. still feel happy have a 4-hour chat with kazu sempai before leaving.. :p it makes my last day memorable seriously
7. I PASSED MY FEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOHOO so dun need a single english or writing class :) lak lak hahaha
8. and I successfully got “East Asia in the World” in hass lottery…

助けが必要なら叫ぶ。/如有求助的必要 就即管呼救吧