Forced Thinking

Often after a seizure, I would experience a “fixed thought” period, that would last for around half an hour to an hour (apparently there is an official term called “Forced Thinking”).

It is impossible to describe by words, simply unexplainable. But everything I do & I see would be automatically attached / attracted (like a very very strong magnet) to a certain attribute (words, a character, some patterns, colour, a particular sound/noise, some sort of actions, etc) repeatedly. When it happens it seems very natural but somewhere in my thoughts I know something is wrong!

It is like a new intrusive wave form affecting my brain totally. E.g. yesterday morning, it is about something going single, something going trouble. I try very hard to pronounce the word “Ctrl” as “seee- trueee–al” (because I can’t read English/phoenix all of a sudden).

Often time I could not recognise where I am @ post-seizure. E.g. I was in my Tung Chung lobby, and I am like “Where the hell is it??”, and I even could not locate where my toilet was when in my Tai Wai home. (which is scary, but my ‘spatial recognition engine’ come back quickly after 5 seconds or so)

Anyway, funny experiences that I encounter occasionally.

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