So, Here I am..Boston! Well, actually i haven’t move in yet..nor going to any places near to MIT. precisely im not at Boston, but a hotel in Brookline, MA. so finally finally finally, i’ve landed on this place..where i gonna spend 4 years! my feeling is :

1. intimidated by all those guai jai guai mui, american english around..
2. ppl r too slow, places r too far away, ppl look r too casual (hurray, everyone wears flipflop!!)
3. buidlings here r quite british..sth related to its name “New England”? well..feel a bit ashamed for doing no research of this place before coming -__-“”
4. First time going to a place that i DO not hv to adjust my watch..damn but 12-hour-difference is VERY difficult to adapt
5. I cried at airport, just a sudden burst of emotion…well i think im quite influenced by Fuji-kun saying.. that holding tears r not any morals or what..
6. still feel happy have a 4-hour chat with kazu sempai before leaving.. :p it makes my last day memorable seriously
7. I PASSED MY FEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOHOO so dun need a single english or writing class :) lak lak hahaha
8. and I successfully got “East Asia in the World” in hass lottery…

助けが必要なら叫ぶ。/如有求助的必要 就即管呼救吧


very 1st confirmed units!

12.S56 GPS: Where Are You? (6 units)
Professor Thomas Herring Earth, Atmospheric, and Planetary Sciences
Units: 2-0-4 [P/D/F]
Add to schedule Lecture: M3-5
The use of Global Positioning System (GPS) in a wide variety of applications has exploded in the last few years. Hikers, sailors, and aviators use the system as a navigation aid but many others use GPS in ways that were not considered during its design. Some of the most stringent uses come from meteorology, where the system is used to track water vapor in the atmosphere, and from geophysics, where it is used to measure continental drift, deformation leading up earthquakes, and mean sea-level rise. In this seminar we explore how positions on the Earth were determined before GPS; how GPS itself works and the range of applications in which GPS is now a critical element. This seminar is followed by a UROP in the spring semester where results from precise GPS measurements will be analyzed and displayed on the web.

剪左頭髮–>灰–>自斷米路–>first impression 是以貌取人的–>改善first impression要好花功夫
似potato, kai子, 完全唔得smart, 似小學生, 又似呀姑–>比人蝦–>比人assume我係kai的
努力變番女仔d–>多年努力扭轉番presentable 少少既形象–>一招喪
你話我已經似乜 ..真係好唔開心, 好好地搞到咁 >< 仲要想start a new life 時就搞7了
//koo牙唔敢笑 ,講野無自信…  依家好似koo左係個頭髮度, 好無自信,唔想比人見到……………..


listening to 銀河鉄道 is soo jeng. (2:42am)

僕の体は止まったままで 時速200kmを超えている
考える程に 可笑しな話だ 僕は止まったままなのに

人は年を取る度 始まりから離れていく
動いていないように思えていた 僕だって進んでいる

listening to 土星環 is so jengg.(3:02am)

我不過是不服輸 一直以為 你也在這裡
有沒有人在這裡 有沒有人在這裡
寂寞像我 睡在哪裡也可以 為什麼睡在這裡 
我不過是不服輸 一直以為真的有小王子
你笑我笨也可以 只要讓我在土星環的基地
看你 看你 看到你