still there is one more essay to go.
ahhh hate it.
anyway..hopefully i can officially start studying starting from tomorrow.

i really really don’t want to do this essay….
essay means that you need time to write up, need time to think, need time to refine and refine,
meet with your professor and discuss, then refine refine.
= time-consuming

i cant really multitask in such a way that..
writing up a globalization essay, then doing math at the same time
it requires two different souls from me

i don’t see the problem of being folded wor.
in particular, the last weeks here…………….

ok la i know exactly wht my flaws are
but they r getting more and more obvious somehow …
to a point that i really have to face it or do sth about it.
..hmm not now.

uncertainity reigns my mind again.
my essay, my finals preparation, my major, my future, my lifestyle, my way of life, life balance, friends, hong kong, money, career path, connection, networking, sleeping, food, famliy, my interest, my talent, my identity, my real personality and desires, tomorrow’s classes, physics, chemistry, equations, multivariable calculus, courses to take next term. i-just-don’t-know.


Movies & Bang!

decided to remove “the mist” poster becoz it just reminded me of the scary story plot..haha

今晚玩了bang!, 煮了臘腸蝦仁炒蛋飯,
下午去了boston食午, 買了cheesecake factory

既然訓唔著..打下我d concerns
其實黎呢度讀書 讀到喊 做功課做到喊 既程況 壓力大到喊 灰到喊
(which 係 LPC 時我絕對唔會咁….=_=)
總括黎講 我唔會話呢4個月過得話非常快樂
其一 我自己懶而唔識 咁係低死既
但有時候 d 野 係 你明左 唔代表你會識解答d 問題
就好似physics 咁, 每次都係好驚唔知佢會出乜
因為我識晒d theory 真係唔代表我會識做
成日淆底+frustrating …

咁講真 如果我花多d時間 做多d題目 花多d時間去多思考既話
咁冇話難既 as 我而家讀緊所以既都係 101 既班的說…

學業方面 已經唔會再同人比較了  當明白到自己再唔係 top student時

其二就係, 除左對付學業 始終都係一個留學生 要適認 要認識既野 好多

所以我想講既係, 如果我未來要讀好多engineering class, 我怕我會有depression.


底, 唔識做又燥底,唔明又燥底, 做唔到又燥底

所以讀d 我比較善長少少既野 i.e. chem/bio 會唔會令到我有快樂一點既校園生活呢?
但我又覺得, 你唔係expect MIT 會有一科 簡單 既科 下話?
就算係你讀緊科japanese 5 都幾難的說..=_=


Course 1- Environmental Engineering Science
why yes:
got passion
why not:
no ability for physics
why yes:
technically only two engineering classes
why yes:
quite promising career path no matter where
why no:
i will get low GPA with physics and will grey jor
why yes:
will study @ MIT only once in my life, why not try sth challenging

Course 9–Brain and Cognitive Science with Course 15-Management
why yes:
got passion and less physics stuffs, more interesting
why no:
if single major course 9, probably hv to do grad school and ng g jo mud
why yes:
could double major
why no:
double major then i have to take 5 classes per semester
why yes:
im taking 6 subjects in this term and i dont find a big problem
why no:
but when every subject is important for ur GPA..

so after all my main concern is:
given that both are my interest,
should i go for the challenge,
or should i consider if the subjects are suitable for my level so that i could get high GPA and find a good job?

and what job?
who knows..-_-

Weekly Update No. 13

Every weekend I will send email to my parents updating about my life..here it is the 13th week update:

Dear all,1. BIG GOOD NEWS! 66 unit in this term approved !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  = the strict limit is 54 unit (12 unit per class), and now they let me to take 66 units  in this semester WITHOUT any additional fee :)  so im taking more classes than any freshman in MIT ..but paying the same school fee this term  hahaa^__^

2. this week is crazy !!!
a) Acapella Performance (Yes! singing performance! wil l show u photos later),
b) globalization group presentation (my very first public speaking chance in MIT)
c) Japanese Interview test + Final Exam !!
d) 3 Problem sets ! (calculus..physics..chemistry..which may mean 24 hours of work)
e) Physics Quiz (I studied for the whole night but Im very sure I failed, but its just 3% of the entire score, and I feel happy understanding all the concepts !

3. LAST WEEK OF CLASS! (then 3 more days to go..then =END=)
My final exams is on Dec 15, 16, 17

4. Miss home so much recently !!! Hope to see you all sooooooooooooooooooooooon !! I have no plan at Dec 17- Dec 26 yet besides going to work for front desk, but i guess i have done TOO MUCh travelling comparing to anyone else haahahaa .. will explore Boston!


don’t let history repeat itself @ Spring

i should:

1. go to office hour

2. don’t let myself lose track at any point in the semester , should at least have a brief idea on which sub is teaching wht

3. study before doing pset.

4. don’t blind-copy in class, digest.

5. take advantage of free time, think of wht im not clear of, then read.

6. dun wait until exam to be motivated to study.

7. no more clueless moments. yau siu siu clue is ok la.

8. don’t compare.

9. be organized. when you are organized, you got the mood to study.

10. no matter japanese or physics, be very serious of each assignment as each assignment affects your grade starting from next semester.

11. remember, rule number 1, don’t panic, prioritize, calm down, then things will work out.

12. pulling an allnighter is absolutely fine, u got iTunes, cup noodles, coke zero entertaining you all night long.

13. and you could always sleep after your work is done.

14. delete this “minimize my effort, maximize my result” notion

15. work hard. because you don’t want to see yourself as a sad stupid slacker here.

now you know how procrastination

how to pull an all nighter

1. Actually do your darn work. Plenty of times, you get sidetracked. Avoid this by setting a constant pace for yourself: 50 minutes of work, and a 10 minute break. Besides, keeping your mind occupied will make it easier to stay awake.
2. Avoid caffeine, if possible. See warnings for why. Drink two brimming glasses of ice cold water every 30 minutes. Not only will the cold keep you awake, but you’ll need to urinate very often. It’s difficult to sleep on the toilet.
3. Play (softly, if you have a roommate) a fast-paced, grating music. You may enjoy it, but it must be, at all costs, harsh and a bit arrhythmic. Try to stick to instrumental music which is less distracting. This will keep you from being lulled to sleep.
4. Work with windows open: cold air will keep you awake. Warm air knocks you out.
5. Set your computer screen to a lower setting, (duller and darker) so as not to strain your eyes. See warnings for why.
6. Turn off Instant Messengers, the TV, and do not surf the internet, edit wikiHow, read, draw, etc. In fact, pinch yourself if you do.
7. Do not work in bed, on a couch, or on the floor. If you work in any other place than a cold, hard table and chair, you will feel very tempted to sleep. If possible, work somewhere far away from your room/bed, so it’s a pain to go back and sleep. Try to be around some other people so you do not feel comfortable sleeping in your chair.
8. If you’re going to nap, set a timer. Don’t nap for more than 20 minutes, and stay half-awake. Avoid napping at all costs, though. “Just 20 minutes of relaxation” will more likely involve you waking up past your class the next day.
9. If applicable, rotate subjects every hour. You’ll quickly mentally wear out on one topic.
10. Work through it all. If you have time at the end, pack up your stuff, lay out your clothes, then set your alarm as late as possible, to achieve the most possible sleep.
11. Try sitting in different places around the room.
12. If you are tired and are completely slumping over your work, sit up straight. It could immediately make you feel more awake. Yes, it sounds stupid, but try it.
13. Eat protein-rich foods like sandwiches, cheese, and other dairy products. (no sugary stuff!)
14. Think positively: “I am almost done” “This is actually not too bad” “I will get to see the sunrise” “I will get a good grade”
15. Being scared helps too. Watch a horror movie or read something frightening. You’ll be too scared to fall asleep.
16. If you are tired and bored of studying the same thing over and over again, remain positive and try to make a game out of it so studying won’t be so strenuous and dull.