(Pardon my 2am English)

Sometimes, just sometimes – I just hope I die in sleep and never wake up again. There are moments in life that you just want to “quit life” (similar to the urge of sending that resignation email you have drafted for ages)

But of coz I’m mature enough to know it is never an option. First is because I hate pain (say, falling from height). Second is because there are always things to look forward to (could be an upcoming movie, or a good lunch date). And third, of coz it is very selfish to have such thought given all the love on planet Earth.

I was sad that I didn’t keep enough physical things from college days (like notes and books). But I am lucky that I have captured all my thoughts from 2008 to date in this blog.

So negative/crazy thoughts above should be recorded properly as well.

Life is a mixture of good and bad.

I was very pissed at work today but I tried my best to keep my cool in office. Finally uncontrollably burst my anger at home, I’m so sorry….

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