Things I want to do #Someday/Later

1) Practice Westworld piano score (both main theme and Sweetwater). [I got both piano sheets! comment below and I will email you :) ]

2) Complete edX MIT 6.00.1x Introduction to Computer Science and Programming Using Python. (I was TA for a JAVA class back in MIT but of coz I don’t remember a thing now haha). Machine Learning should be interesting too!

3) Radically clean my room(Marie Kondo) and upgrade my existing daily items (for daily I really mean daily-daily! already upgraded my hairdryer, toothpaste and working pass holder)

4) Visit some really majestic natural sceneries.. say the Wave in Utahand the Rainbow Mountain in Bolivia (but of course I need a patient a reliable driver for these excursions. I no know drive!) Too many modern shopping malls lately! Boring!

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