Moral Worth

Immanuel Kant (1724-1804) 說: the moral worth of an action is determined by its motive (should not be duty such as to satisfy our self-interest or appetites) , not its consequences.

It is not enough that it should conform to the moral law – it must be done for the sake of the moral law.

Example 1: Monthly Charity Donation

這個有趣,因為每一個月我都做monthly donation,我的motive很可能是為了「feel good about myself」,或者是「好人有好報」或者是一個implicit social pressure 去「我要做善事」。雖然consequence是幫到人,但背後的motive並不祟高,沒什麼moral worth了。

Example 2: Carousell

很多時候我們對網上拍賣交收的買家賣家都是「四萬咁口」,非常有禮貌。consequence 是順利和平的transaction。但其實我禮貌背後的motive是為了得到「好評」,以免影響我未來的生意。所以,這個moral worth也不高。

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