my folded 2nd year

maybe i hvnt watch TVB for so long…the CMs now are sooooooooooooo gooood !!!! laughed so much haha but while the dramas/other programs are just too un頂able …. ._.

just realized havent really 回顧 my LPC 2nd life after my IB exams..
maybe i should do it now when still 記憶猶新 (and doing nothing apparently..)
第二年比第一年集中好多, 無ecs 上莊生活, 無sempai, 可以毫無牽掛地immersed completely into campus life
不過2nd year 竟然比 1st year 辛苦得多, 因為好似大少事情都將要塵埃落定,
成年就係如火如荼地”收尾” , 完全無左夜晚吹水吹到4am, 得閒去下邊個間房度玩 呢d野..留係corner既時間有70%
就這樣, 過了摺友般自閉,有起有跌的一年了 …

throughout whole year: buy McDonalds in Sunshine, eat 糖水@八福 with been-thai,
very first week 日日都做野做到 “阿, 天光了,又”
因為暑假無做過任何野, 一星期內K.O. school webpage,World lits first draft, EE 1st draft , register UCAS, TOK, TOEFL SAT ….三日內已經殘了, 仲有難忘的生日會! 認識了bump of chicken 車輪の唄

再被捉interdorming, gated for 11 days, 足不出校兩星期
然後 hand-mouth-foot disease, confined in sick bay for 5 days, 享受私人浴室大房睇戲溫SAT
然後chickenpox, 放假十日, miss 晒堂, 大條道理 “i cant catch up” , 好痕的十天
期間 K.O. UCAS and Yale EA

12月14日- 12月30日:
東京十七天一人行 過了最無憂快樂難忘的半個月 同sempai ‘落實夢想’ 的旅程 :p

cambridge rejected, 堅down了一個月, 體驗 思っていたこととまったく違う現実, 開始再煲劇
漂流教室, ドラゴン桜, だったひとつの恋、ノダメ…等等

got MIT offer, 連續三日完全睡不了, 收到offer 五天後, 婆婆過身了 振作要考好IB

與been-thai 狂睇heroes, project week vietnam, mock , 開始頹

IB exam, 盡最大努力對抗懶惰及引誘, 除左math 炒之外, 其他嘗算滿意
climax: aftergrad party 飲醉飲到嘔 XD partial memory loss + 醜態百出..決定到美國唔多飲

anyway …原來咁又過左一年了…..ended 2-year UWC education 隔多兩個月..又要開始 4-year college education
哎, 在這個灰色時間帶裡, 搬回屋企住.. 真的很無聊呢….”

我们的开始  是很长的电影
放映了三年 我票都还留着
冰上的芭蕾 脑海中还在旋转
望着你 慢慢忘记你
朦胧的时间 我们溜了多远
冰刀划的 圈起了谁改变
如果再重来 会不会稍嫌狼狈
再给我两分钟 让我把记忆结成冰
别融化了眼泪 你妆都花了要我怎么记得
记得你叫我忘了吧 记得你叫我忘了吧
你说你会哭 不是因为在乎


american football = New England Patriots
baseball = red sox
basketball = boston celtics
多謝K.O. 提供 xd
(好彩K.O. 話比我知, 如果我話我淨係識yankees 會係boston 被打?)

今日睇last friends ep10時 緊張到” 咬破指頭” shit XD
依家右手食指唔用得 (咬到流血, 傻左) 所以呢一兩日
都應該唔駛玩facebook word challenge 同typing speed
…now typing-handicapped ..-_-

recent favourite song—everything is everything

Things are gonna change but not for better
Don’t know what it means to me but it’s hopeless, hopeless
Gotta get you home to be with anyone
I think of what I’ve done, You know it all

Everything is everything
The more I talk about it, The less I do control
Everything means everything
Can’t understand a word, Half of the stuff we’re saying

black friday

now playing: 転がる岩、君に朝が降る-ASIAN KUNG-FU GENERATION
translation: 朝早滾動的岩石向你落下 (誤)…rolling stones pour on you in the morning?

black friday … seriously..i f hate rainy days…頹廢 again ..あぁぁ。。もう。。
and can’t go to ocean park tomorrow… /_\ so disappointed

some decisions:
FAS: The time of your life, GPS and environmental risk
Housing: Simmons, Baker, Burton Conner, New House, MacGregor
HASS: jap culture, jap history, east asian history, linguistics, making public policy
from my choices ..seems that im not a very science person at all @@….orz

空撮百景:空から見た日本100景 好靚!!!

how come half of the ppl i know are in japan now gaa, yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

one day i should really try not to mention anything
MIT-related or japan-related or McDonald-related or イケメン**-related
to prove im not that boring and repetitive…-_____-”


introduce yourself wor..

明明最簡單既問題, 但我就最憎答..”introduce yourself” 實在係太煩人的一條問題了..可以好淺 可以好深 可以好長 可以好短

Please tell us five things about yourself that you’d like your advisor to know – interests, hobbies, etc.
What makes you who you are?

My Name:
Fi0ni = because Fiona is too common, I changed my name in Grade 3.
Ka Hei = which means the “Hope of Family” in Chinese.

A Chinese girl (born,raised, and studied in Hong Kong for 19 years) who is readily accepting challenges to push herself beyond her comfort zone.

in MIT:
Intended double major in Environmental Engineering and Urban Planning
(Course 1+ Course 11= Course 111!) with minor in Japanese. Anticipating to ride my bike around Cambridge and explore the city.
Would like to learn something new in MIT, say joining the Kendo club!

TRAVEL(survived traveling in Tokyo alone for a month with my not-too-conversational Japanese) LANGUAGES (always searching lyrics in different languages, though usually clueless, I would try to understand them with dictionaries)PEOPLE(love meeting with people from different backgrounds & cultures)

continue Master degree, then return Hong Kong and do whatever I could to ameliorate the unacceptable level of urban pollutions in this small city..and extend it to the greater China, and hopefully, have a happy marriage @_@

妖 好廢呀呀呀呀

take introduction to japanese culturehistory of modern japan , 1853-2000 好呢?
之後仲要take 埋 Japanese III … (天音: 係咪誇張左少少呢)
history 我真係唔識, 所以想認識…但culture 好似有趣d?

just another day

tai wai ->qb house->fried chicken leg ->walk to che kung temple->walk to hong kong heritage museum->walk to new town plaza->game arcade->shatin KCR->翡翠小籠包->photo hunt->bought earphone!->see hifi->back home–>enjoying new earphone! 以上です。