b提醒我我不要感到負面情緒,因為錯不在我,我的角色只是faciliator / coordinator。

google提出這樣,雖然有點像呀媽係女人,但good to remind myself。

最後事情解決了,鬆一口氣!方法就是escalate 和go “off the reecord”

  • Take a break – have a bath (remember Archimedes) and try again tomorrow
  • Move the place – find a room with a view
  • Move the deadline – will you really be dead if you don’t meet the date?
  • Escalate – your boss just might find a way out
  • Change the negotiators – replacing the egos can work wonders
  • Go “off the record” – a coffee shop may help
  • Create some more options – however crazy they might seem at first

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