The Myth of the Rational Voter

這週異常地eventful,as if 自己還年輕,其實非常累。=_=
週二 – 跟新同事welcome lunch,晚上跟中學同學dinner談談婚禮細節。
週四 – 父親生日,大閘蟹宴,好多人!
週五 – senior leader chat 談 digital transformation,晚上到了Kerry Hotel 的dockyard與好友暢談大江南北4小時,有養份得很。
週六 – bb第一次去幼稚園面試,面試後去跟家人一齊吃Dan Ryan’s分享面試點滴。晚上去了試菜,原來是buffet,早知就留肚!還是很盡責地報告上仔細的comments。
週日 跟好朋友飲茶 x 大閘蟹 (again)受到星級招呼 XD,晚上吃火鍋,b做了會員。


一直都keep my hands off politics ,但美國大選當前,今天搭車有點空餘時間就快閱了一個blink summary。

Democracy is based on the miracle of aggregation. Extreme points will cancel out each other. However, it only works if opinions vary in all directions. If people are given biased information (common misconceptions and widespread biases – e.g. mistrust of the free market, confusion of the benefits of foreign trade, caring too much about preserving jobs), this principle doesn’t stand a chance.

People also don’t vote selfishly for their self-interest – but rather are motivated by emotional beliefs, party preferences or opinions on what’s best in general, e.g. to express their patriotism, their compassion or their devotion to the environment.

Voters also won’t behave rationally because their individual vote will not change anything (e.g. threat of personal harm / danger). Given voters have very little influence over the outcome of any given election, they would rather stick to their own biases or emotions.

Voting system doesn’t work because it is based on the assumption that rational voters will make good, informed decisions. Voters hold biased view on economic issues, tends to be uninformed and will vote with their emotions rater than with their minds.

(其實今年to date 只是看了兩本書,Homo Deus The Ride of a Lifetime XD。希望在年底前可以把Loonshots 也看完吧。)

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