My Productivity Hacks 2020

Google Calendar
Google Calendar

  • Mark all events (that you have to be present either virtually or in-person), time-dependent reminders/deadlines, and holidays/birthday/anniversary in Google Calendar.
  • Include all meeting details (e.g. Zoom link, venue, agenda) in the meeting description.
  • Color-code them accordingly for easy visual reference (e.g. leisure/family=purple, regular meeting =blue, other work events = green, etc). Can use emoji too to save time reading wordsss.
  • To get a head start of the week, review calendar (both upcoming & past events in the previous & upcoming 2 weeks [i.e. 4 weeks]) every Sunday night 

Microsoft Outlook on the App Store

Microsoft Outlook

  • Set Conditional Formatting rules (View->View Settings->Conditional Formatting) to differentiate emails visually for easy reference
    • e.g. Email from boss –> set large font size & different font color
    • Regular newsletter –> font color in grey
  • Use folder to sort e-mails
    • e.g. if you are an account manager, then you may sort emails according to account
  • To save time, save regular e-mail lines for quick copy & paste
    • e.g. “If you have any further queries, please do not hesitate to contact me.
    • “If you need any further information, please feel free to contact me.”

Google Keep: Free Note Taking App for Personal Use

Google Keep 

  • Google Keep should be the 1st & ONLY station to collect & save your thoughts (of all kinds) 
  • Pin important notes on top. E.g. any roster / charts? any inspirational quotes? any procedure that you refer to every day?
  • Color your notes accordingly to make it visually clear
  • Put hashtag on your notes (e.g. #pending, #todo) and combine with Getting Things Done (GTD) method (See blog post: GTD: Google Keep + Google Calendar)
  • Archive your notes that you seldomly refer to (but still useful ones), e.g. How to use your dishwasher? Shuttle bus timetable



  • Strategically position your most-used Apps (e.g. FB, IG) @ nearest to your fingertip
  • Review your Notification Settings to minimize distractions –> only pick the most important notifications, e.g. news and calendar.


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