How to Stop Worrying and Start Living


1. Address your worry – get the facts precisely “What am I worried about?” 
2. Choose the course of action (at least 3) – “What can I do about it?” 
3. Make a clear decision on what to do, do it, and never look back

1. Keep yesterday and today out of your mind. Worrying is pointless
2. “Daytight compartment” – live the present! Today is a new life.
3. Take care of today, tomorrow will take care of itself. This is all I can do.

Worst-case scenario
1. Define the worst-case scenario
2. Embrace it mentally
3. Concentrate, and try to improve it from the worst

Stop-loss order
1. Don’t sink yourself into worry – set a limit, walk away from it!

Be Happy
1. Focus on the positives

Be Yourself, don’t compare
1. You are unique.


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