Random facts

  • Stop holding my breath during extreme concentration. This seems to be the seizure trigger.
  • ..In fact, in many societies, more people are in danger of dying from obesity than from starvation.
  • Proper nouns are always written with a capital letter in German.
  • Buddhism = We afraid pleasure to leave, or want pleasure to intensify. Experience reality as it is, rather than craving. A person who does not crave cannot suffer
  • “Evolution moulded our minds and bodies to the life of hunter-gatherers. The transition first to agriculture and then to industry has condemned us to living unnatural lives that cannot give full expression to our inherent inclinations and instincts, and therefore cannot satisfy our deepest yearnings”  – Sapiens
  • If evolution supposes to encourage survivals and reproductions, it is interesting how people nowadays would decide to commit suicide / not to bear any baby.

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