2019 Solutions – Review

我地有太多想做嘅嘢,太多需要做嘅嘢,太多唔想做嘅事情。但時間奈何只係得24小時,力量係得咁多,精神係得咁多,空間係得咁多,耐性係得咁多,電池只有咁多。如果長期處於臨界點,就會隨時爆炸。所以要識得say no,識得叫救命,識得遠離任何會影響你呢個balance嘅所有人和事。

所以我地先需要「取」同「捨」,首先要有you can’t have it all嘅覺悟,更重要嘅係要愛惜珍惜你有嘅capacity,唔好burnt out咗。


  1. Be less friendly & ruthless in schedule planning. Say no to all unnecessary time-wasting & time-consuming activities / appointments. Only attend meaningful / compulsory ones.
  2. Find good tools that could help me plan, memorize and follow up quickly with ease (Very angry that my company has blocked Evernote and Google Keep).
  3. Delegate, delegate, delegate. Don’t feel bad for delegating. They all got paid!
  4. Shower immediately once I step into home. Don’t procrastinate.
  5. Leave home at 7:45am in the morning. Sleep by 12:30am (ha.ha.ha.).
  6. Keep on reading, one book at a time; Make good use of commute time to read. Maybe make it the only window in the day for reading.
  7. Identify the unhealthy distractions in the day, cut them out.
  8. Say no to MOOC for now, way too time consuming. Let’s delay them to Year 2020.
  9. Once any appointment is made, add them immediately to the calendar. Don’t miss things out again.
  10. Please continue to flourish KKBOX song lists. It’s getting boring.
  12. Don’t want myself to become a zombie, please stay charming, clean and tidy.

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