Inside Bill’s Brain

看完了一連三集的Netflix documentary Inside Bills’ Brain 

  • 就算有很多resources和錢,還是有很多external factors/constraints連Bill Gates也無法控制。例如恐怖份子令他無法根除小兒痲痹症,又例如中美貿易戰令他突然無法繼續核電廠的計畫。
  • The real world is full of surprises. It’s fundamentally hard to model geopolitics, macroeconomics, or really anything that hinges on human decisions rather than the laws of nature.
  • 面對無法解決的問題,他的解決方法是「退後一步,客觀一點看事情」以及「work harder」。呢個同我嘅人生觀剛剛相反。
  • 成功人士總是有好的partner相伴。無論是工作上或者係婚姻上。
  • 看完後,更覺得自己是垃圾 XD  係香港是做改變世界嘅大事真係好難。
  • 好多科研都係military/commercial有關funding的。
  • Bill Gates 家裡寫了Great Gatsby 裡的引言:”He had come a long way to this blue lawn, and his dream must have seemed so close that he could hardly fail to grasp it.”


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