How to Stay Focus

  1. guide yourself toward confidence-building statements (I am a good public speaker, I’ve put in the work so that I can trust my abilities, I have a lot of great things to say, I’m completely prepared for this promotion). These statements will help you focus on your skills and abilities rather than others’ opinions.
  2. Take deep breaths, too. This will signal to your brain that you’re not in immediate danger.
  3. Find your personal philosophy
  4. Remember that growth and learning take place when you’re operating at the edge of your capacity. Like blowing up a nearly inflated balloon, living in accordance with your personal philosophy will require more effort and power, but, the result, which is to authentically and artistically express who you are, will push you to live and work with more purpose and meaning.

What is my personal philosophy? =_= I have many favorite quotes but don’t think anyone of them is significant enough to be my “personal philosophy”… the most honest one would be “hea, whenever you can.

  • Take single breath
  • Magnify little pleasure





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