No friends, no exercise, no social life – and wholly content. My life was out of balance, sure, but I didn’t care. In fact, I wanted even more imbalance. Or a different kind of imbalance.

I wanted to dedicate every minute of every day to Blue Ribbon. I’d never been a multitasker, and I didn’t see any reason to start now. I wanted to be present, always. I wanted to focus constantly on the one task that really mattered. If my life was to be all work and no play, I wanted my work to be play. I wanted to quit Price Waterhouse. Not that I hated it; it just wasn’t me.

I wanted what everyone wants. To be me, full-time.

– “Shoe Dog“, Phil Knight


Have some good self-reflection on my flight back home.

The problem was not life-and-death – It’s about daily overcapacity and imbalance. I want to learn more (the world is changing quick!), I want to read more books (it clears my mind), I want to watch more quality movies (Here I meant really heading to the cinema), I want to expose myself to more interesting things, I want to write more quality posts in my blog (that’s partly why I want to read more books / watch more movies / be part of more interesting things), but at the same time I have to balance all my responsibilities well including the new ones (wife & new role at work) – it’s TWO whole new learning curves coming together, while I could just merely manage to keep pace in my original self…

In 2019, it won’t be easy at all. Work alone would already occupy 650% of my time and capability. How could I not burnt out?

I don’t want to become a zombie because I “want it have to all” and lose my charm (hurt my eyesight, hurt my health…etc). I don’t have enough time, clearly nor enough 精神, and what’s worse is I am now struggling to remember things in an alarming manner. I am actively seeking external tools to help myself in this overcapacity issue. Definitely need some sort of framework / guideline instead of letting things bounce around here and there.

Came up with some rough solutions:-

  1. Be less friendly & ruthless in schedule planning. Say no to all unnecessary time-wasting & time-consuming activities / appointments. Only attend meaningful / compulsory ones.
  2. Find good tools that could help me plan, memorize and follow up quickly with ease (Very angry that my company has blocked Evernote and Google Keep).
  3. Delegate, delegate, delegate. Don’t feel bad for delegating. They all got paid!
  4. Shower immediately once I step into home. Don’t procrastinate.
  5. Leave home at 7:45am in the morning. Sleep by 12:30am (ha.ha.ha.).
  6. Keep on reading, one book at a time; Make good use of commute time to read. Maybe make it the only window in the day for reading.
  7. Identify the unhealthy distractions in the day, cut them out.
  8. Say no to MOOC for now, way too time consuming. Let’s delay them to Year 2020.
  9. Once any appointment is made, add them immediately to the calendar. Don’t miss things out again.
  10. Please continue to flourish KKBOX song lists. It’s getting boring.
  12. Don’t want myself to become a zombie, please stay charming, clean and tidy.


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