Life 3.0 by Max Tegmark


    • Being a sci-fi fan, the book has made references to many of my favorite movies/TV dramas such as Transcendence (Johnny Depp!), Westworld and Black Mirror.
    • Life 3.0 = technological stage where it can design both its software (learning) and even hardware to define its own destiny.
    • Career advice in this upcoming AI world: go into professions that required people, unpredictability and creativity (ref to Hans Moravec’s landscape of human competence)
    • Giving people purpose without jobs in a world with AI-created wealth only: One day, a society could redistribute a fraction of the AI-created wealth to make everyone better off (e.g. everyone with basic income). A low-employment society could happen, with people getting their sense of purpose from activities other than jobs. (Is it too good to be true?) 
    • The law of physics would be the only limitation in the future world.
    • The big question is to make these competent superintellegent AI to understand, adopt and retain our goals. The goals should be aligned with ours. However, what should be the ultimate goals for the humankind?!
    • There are a range of aftermath scenarios possible in the next 10,000 years on how AI would (or would not) co-exist with human beings.


Life 3.0 has brought readers from the near future to billion years later, from earth to cosmic level (sky is not the limit!). A bit lost in the middle of the book but nevertheless it is intriguing to learn that many possibilities could happen in the age of AI!

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