Essential Survival Daily Cantonese for Hong Kong Expats Gwei Lo 2018!


[Cantonese pronunciation] [Chinese Character] = [Meaning in English]

How to say … in Cantonese?!

Comment below if you have any questions on daily Cantonese :)


Maai-dahn 埋單 = check/bill ~

Hmm-goi 唔該 = thanks (when you receive a service)/please

Maai-dahn, hmm-goi 埋單,唔該 = check please

Doh-jeh 多謝 = thanks (when you receive a gift, blessings)

Joe-sun 早晨 = good morning

Nei 你 = you

Ngor 我 = I

Ho 好 = good / very / agree

Nei-Ho! 你好! = Hello!

Nei-Ho-Ma 你好嗎 = how are you?

Nei-Ho! Ngor Hai… 你好,我係…= Hello, I am…

Gay-Ho 幾好= quite good

Ma-Ma-Dei 麻麻地 = so-so~

Dim-ah? 點呀? = how’s it

Chi-Sin! 痴線 = crazy! Ridiculous!

Gau-Mang 救命 = help!!

Ho-Yeah! 好嘢! = Yay!Bravo!

Ho-Sick 好食 = yummy!

Joy-Geen 再見 = See you / Bye

Gei-doh-chin?幾多錢 = how much?

Nei-Gogh 呢個 = this

Nei-Gogh Gei-doh-chin? 呢個幾多錢? = How much is this?

Hai-bin-do 係邊度? = where?

Dik-si 的士 = taxi

Bah-si 巴士 = bus

Siu-ba 小巴 = minibus

Chi-soh 廁所 = washroom

chi-soh hai-bin-do? 廁所係邊度? = where is the washroom?

Yao 有 = have

Mo 冇 = none

Yao-mo? 有冇? = is there../ Do you have..?

Nei-do 呢度 = here

Yao-mo Wifi? 有冇Wifi? = Have WiFi?

Nei-do yao-mo WiFi 呢度有冇wifi? = is there WiFi here?

Gwong Dong Wah 廣東話 = Cantonese

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