Wine Tasting 101 (2017)

Screen Shot 2017-10-13 at 11.44.45 PM

Attended a Wine Tasting 101 class today. Taken some notes that I found interesting / useful.

Variety of White Wine (3)
– Chardonnay
– Riesling (“Reese-ling”)
[Smile when you read this! Germany]
– Sauvignon Blanc  (“Saw-vin-yawn Blonk”) 
[New Zealand]

Variety of Red Wine (4) 
– Pinot Noir
(“Pee-no Nwar”)
– Cabernet Sauvignon (“Cab-er-nay Saw-vin-yawn”)
[Or simply ‘Cab’] 
– Syrah/Shiraz (“Sear-ah”)
– Merlot

Random Notes Enough for you to Bluff!

  • All wines smell like fruit“Fantastic fruit!”
  • Yeast + Sugar –> heat + bubble + alcohol
  • more ripe, more alcohol! 
  • Strong Aroma Intensity (can smell below chin) –> New World Wine (i.e. outside Europe),“Powerful fruit! Robust!” 
  • Weaker Aroma Intensity (can smell above chin) –> European / Old World Wine “Smells elegant! ” 



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