Things I like in Sept 2017

– b
– Tom Hardy, Tom Hardy!! (Sorry Benedict Cumberbatch) 

– Dunkirk the movie, watched twice (Tom Hardy! Collins! Farrier!) 

– Any movie soundtrack by Hans Zimmer

– 解.綠茶


– Paul Smith 

– Reading 經濟日報 in the morning

– 大家樂的雞扒炒蛋

– Ice Lemon Tea 

– 足夠的私人空間

– meditation at night

– good sleep

– Earning extra money from Carousell

– Earning extra money from 補習 although extremely tiring 

– Watching any good movies that worth my time

– checking 28Hse

– 香口膠

– fresh 唇膏

– my Bose Bluetooth speaker

– my Skechers shoes

– hard beds

– Apple products

– Yoga Lin songs

– Chengdu non-work life & Shanghai 


– MiM Girl, Pusheen cat

– 元氣sushi的左口魚和筋子

– Occasionally wechatting with I

– Updating toxicgirl instagram (but giving up)

– AK

– Buying books that seem intellectual 

– Black Mirror, Silicon Valley TV shows

– surprisingly zero interest in any Japanese stuff

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