Carpe Diem

Dead Poets Society 

第二次睇 Dead Poets Society 《暴雨驕陽》。
Another story about the danger of conformity / non-conformity.
hmm…am not in the mood to comment on this movie yet though..

Xbox One!

以前玩過kinect,但原來kinect可以scan你既body shape同facial features
去製造另一個你出黎!(old news is so exciting?)

1)放你個頭係個detector 前面。

photo 2

當然呢個digital version 正d啦。哈哈


三分鐘熱度既我竟然繼續mooc~manageable wor。
(因為可以用快兩倍速度去睇video lecture 哈哈)
而且個layout比我個surveying course好多多聲。
best for lazy visual learners who prefer to learn 自閉-ly
報多兩個先 XDD

photo (15)

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