(1) started with Lisztomania, ended with  ‘if i ever feel better’ + ‘1901’ ..perfect!!!
(2) so i just realized i bought the first-row seat nearest to the stage : p
(3) ‘Rally’  is quite a gd song


Crazy spending money this semester..
going to my second concert after Lady Gaga,
this time even more excited….Phoenix!!!

  1. my channel in Pandora is called “Phoenix radio”
  2. “Don’t you know I am so tired of it all” is a line from Phoenix’s song
  3. They gonna be in Boston on Monday and how could I miss it?!
  4. Know no one interested in alternate pop/phoenix..therefore I am going with this lonely girl called beyonu.-_- it’s even more pathetic/folded than 他看戲也一個人看 ..hahaha….well, as long as Fi0ni is okay with it I’m okay with it
  5. The more I spent..the more i have to earn $$$$$$
  6. the movie 誰かが私にキスをした IS SOO CHEEEEESY!!!!!!!! oh my >w< like, maki said she is cold then L immediately took off his jacket for her!!! like, suddenly they smiled and started to kiss!!! oh noooo!!!!!! >< >< ><
  7. pitching a stock with zero investment experience…is like teaching a guy to drive without knowing how to drive ….

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