got employed!!!!!!!!!!! yeah XDD



今早市區氣溫只有17度 -HK news..ehhh i will be cheering and happily getting out my summer t-shirt @_@
Washington DC–capital of the USA!! :pp
i prefer to be a tourist really… take advantage as a student in USA..could travel around!!

Day 1—
passing 7 states!! (that’s like 1/7 of all) massachusetts->connecticut->delaware->new jersey->new york->maryland->Washington DC !!
have lunch at a chinese restaurant near JSIT (new jerseys science and tech university)..then arrived at DC around 8pm!! went to their Chinatown, a very decent and clean Chinatown with zero Chinese around..hahaha the only Chinese element there is that, all restaurants have a traditional Chinese translation there..=.=”

visited National Law Enforcement Officers Memorial and the Capitol (the Congress place), then have spanish dinner at a place called “Jaleo”..have a glass of red wine..(!! shhhhhhh :P)

Day 2–

a very tourist route today!!  has breakfast at McDonald..then went to the World War II Memorial, Kennedy Temple, The White House, etc….SPECTACULAR!!! photos will be up soon..(but the fact is my camera already ran out of battery =__=) then visited the Natural History Museum, then first time watched IMAX!!! =PP a 40-min film on Dinosaur and i slept jor 30 mins…hahahaha orzorz then super hungry went to have dinner at Todai…!! a japanese buffet………chiu bao……….

ho la i think photos will say much more than words :)

but i reaaaaaaaaaallyy LOVE TRAVELLING!!!
will buy Obama /DC t-shirt tomorrow..wohohohoo

who will read this?

[b]The Random Survey Note:[/b]

[Parents still together] – of course
[Siblings] – one, gor gor
[pets] – no bor

[Color] – blue, obsession increasing exponentially
[Number] – hmm, used to be 6, then now 7
[Animal] – anything cute
[Flower] – eh?

[b]DO YOU[/b]
[Have tattoos?] – nope
[Cheat on tests?] – i did
[Like roller coasters?] – not particularly..
[Wish you could live somewhere else?] – wanna live in tokyo, say a year haha
[Like cleaning?] – yess yess
[Own a cell phone?] – yea..

[Current hair?] – short, mushroom style
[Currently playing?] – 当你孤单你会想起谁 by 张栋梁
[Last movie you saw] – Norbit @_@
[Last thing you ate] – 烏魚子!!
[Believe there is life on other planets?] – yes, coz besides solar system there r so many unexplored area in the universe leh
[Hate yourself?] – sometimes ~
[Collect anything?] – movie tickets
[Like your handwriting?] – ok la

[b]ARE YOU[/b]
[Sarcastic] – sometimes
[shy] – often
[Talkative] – sometimes

[Pierce your nose or belly button?] – neither >.<
[Be serious or funny?] – funny

[b]ARE YOU…[/b]
[Simple or complicated?] – tends to simple now..

[Are you double jointed] – what;s that
[Can you raise one eyebrow] -yeah ~
[Can you cross your eyes] – yess
[Do you make your bed daily] – no XD

[b]CLOTHES, ETC…[/b]
[Which shoe goes on first] – right
[Ever thrown one at someone] – noppp
[How Much money do you carry in your wallet] – US $2..ah gotta get cash for the trip!!

[Bought something] – yes, for my laundry service??
[Gotten sick] – nopee
[Sang] – yeah
[Felt stupid] – of course, what do you expect at MIT?
[Missed someone] – yes
[Gotten drunk] – no
[Gotten high] – noo
[Danced crazy] – haha sadly not
[Gotten your hair cut] – nope
[Watched cartoons] – no
[Lied to someone] – no

[Been to California] – yes
[Been to Europe] – yes
[Wished you were the opposite sex] – i did

[Honestly, whats on your mind right now?] – could i stay up till 9am??
[Honestly, what are you doing right now?] – listening to all the new songs
[Honestly, do you think you are attractive?] – hahaha depends on people’ taste la
[Honestly, have you done something bad today?] -slept all day, and stayed up late
[Honestly, do you watch disney channel?] – nooo
[Honestly, are you jealous of someone right now?] – nope ! honestly
[Honestly, what makes you happy most of the time?] – Bloggggingggg and doing nothing
[Honestly, do you bite your nails?] – yessss
[Honestly, what is your mood right now?] – blank??
[Honestly, who do you want to see at this very moment?] – see, Hong Kong?
[Honestly, do you have a deep dark secret?] – how dark?
[Honestly, do you hate someone right now?] – there r a few
[Honestly, do you like someone?] – i dun hate
[Honestly, does anyone like you?] – my fans club!

B – BEST FRIENDS: a tricky one, i would say been-thai and xg :)
C – Cute: that’s wht i am yeah?
F – FAVORITE BAND/ARTIST: bump of chicken, phoenix, eason chan
G – GUMMY BEARS OR WORMS:gummy bears hahhaha
H – HOMETOWN: Tai WAI, Hong Kong !!!
I – INSTRUMENT: piano and cello
K – KIDS: what
L – LONGEST CAR RIDE: i cant remember…
M – MILK FLAVOR: i dont drink milk…
O – ONE THING YOU LIKE ABOUT YOURSELF: didnt feel guilty for hea?
Q – FAVORITE QUOTE: i hea, therefore i am.
R – REASON TO SMILE: im going to DC yeahhhh
S – SONG YOU LAST HEARD: now is 就微笑了 張棟粱
T – TIME YOU WOKE UP : 7:30am.!!
U – UNKNOWN FACT ABOUT ME: wht i originally wanna answer for this question :)

[If you could, would you wanna know the day you were going to die?] – no
[Is love for real?] – yes
[If you could change your first name, what would you change it to?] -beyoni!!
[Have you ever swallowed a non-food item by mistake?] -yes hahhaha
[Have you ever saved someone’s life?] – no?
[Has someone ever saved yours?] – sort of i guess

[First place you went this morning?] – washroom..
[Do you smile often?] – depends
[Are you a friendly person?] – sort of
[Where is the boy you like now?] – ehh
[Last person you text messaged?] – i didnt hv text service, sad.
[What color are your eyes?] – brown
[Are you allergic to anything?] – you
[Did you have a nap today?] – YES XD longest one in MIT
[What is your favorite drink?] – coke zero
[Have any regrets?] – yes
[Is cheating ever okay?] – thats what i embrace.
[Where would you like to live?] – hong kong or japan
[Can you cook?] – sort of
[Do you sometimes believe that guys have PMS?] – haha yes
[Have you ever given money to a homeless person?] – yes
[What do you want to be when you grow up?] – someone tell me please
[The most excitement you had this week?] – my 18.02 exam HAHA
[What’s the best thing about winter?] – spring is coming!!


got 96/100 for multivariable calculus.. median = 73 !! (a class of 150ppl )
then 87/100 for Phy quiz…
then 88/100 for jap lesson exam

(u may wonder why i keep posting marks up becoz my dear mum is reading my blog every daay ^^)

and now 4 day long weekend coming!!!!!
washington dc im coming !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hohhoho

yeah im visiting white house before obama does :)

yeahh and just had my first formal job interview XDD wohooo im freeeeeeeeee

went to japanese full moon party!!
feel so happy be surrounded in a whole-japanese-only environment again~~!!!
suddenly miss the japan days ><“


為左慶祝一下~~ 決定乜都唔理地慢慢品嘗呢一本係北海道買既 =型男集= 一小時
K.O. calculus exam today. should be fine. should be far more than fine! yeahhh

Dear Fi0ni,
You did extremely well on the exam today — 96/100.  Great job!

Take care,
getting back on track now gradually, LTFP (love this _ place) actually.
overall speaking I enjoyed these 6 classes,
I really got to learn, and master new knowledge which Im eager to learn about.
just back from globalization class, feel so intellectually-provoked just now that
my heart beat went fast for the entire 1.5 hours, and speaked a lot too hahah~~

anyway..:PPP gotta do chem pset again in next house tonight lahh

anyway..really enjoyed listening to 倒帶人生 recently..very suitable for rainy days
such a bittersweet/ mixed feeling/ blue song

早午餐 越吃越昏沈
咖啡 提不了神

這個 過份認真的 人生
不懷念 曾經多天真
習慣了 分分合合

每次唱 生日快樂
舊願望 還沒發生

那時 環遊世界的夢 也不再做了

晚餐 還是一個人
你曾經坐在這 微笑著
想到就很快樂 我真的知足

想念不小心 跳針了
別擔心了 都過去了

自言自語 點點滴滴
深夜裡 重播的 舊黑白片
想啟示 我什麼 人生真言 我都感激
已經很隨性 已經很隨性