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U.S. News ranks MIT 4th overall among U.S. universities

Greg Frost, News Office
August 22, 2008

MIT ranks fourth among national universities and first in undergraduate engineering, according to U.S. News & World Report’s annual rankings released today.

In the overall university rankings, MIT shares the number four slot with Stanford. Harvard, Princeton and Yale, respectively, are ranked the top three schools.

MIT has held the top spot in the magazine’s overall undergraduate engineering rankings for more than twenty years. Specialized engineering disciplines at MIT that U.S. News also ranked as the nation’s best this year include aeronautics and astronautics, chemical, electrical and computer science, and mechanical. MIT’s rankings in biomedical and environmental engineering also increased.

The MIT Sloan School of Management’s undergraduate business program ranked overall as the nation’s second best, unchanged from last year. MIT also took top honors for its undergraduate business specialties in production and operations management, management information systems, quantitative analysis, and supply chain management.

The U.S. News ranking formula gives greatest weight to the opinions of those in a position to judge a school’s undergraduate academic excellence. The peer assessment survey allows presidents, provosts, and deans of admissions to account for intangibles such as faculty dedication to teaching.

Ranked by its peer universities in this category, MIT shared top and equal standing with Harvard and Stanford.

Among other key criteria for judging schools is selectivity as gauged by acceptance rate (MIT tied for second) and financial resources (MIT was ranked third).

The magazine rated MIT among the top 10 most racially diverse universities in America. The Institute also tied for fourth as the nation’s most economically diverse university, as determined by the percentage of students receiving Pell grants.

Finally, the report judged an MIT education to be a great value. MIT ranked fourth among national universities in a measure of price relative to quality; last year, the Institute ranked fifth.

In March, MIT announced increases in financial aid that will make it possible for a larger fraction of MIT students to have their tuition and fees completely covered. Under the new plan, which takes effect in the 2008-2009 academic year, families earning less than $75,000 a year will have all tuition covered.

Friday REX

too lazy..see descrption again please: =P
sth i didnt write..finally boiled water today for a cup noodle as lunch..and also 男親女愛 ep2 haaha
will explore more dorms tonight!

oh sth out-topic…checking out the Beijing Olympics website
wow…China got 1,2,3 for Woman Single PingPong!! ^____________^

驚嚇 *__*: 九號風球襲港70市民傷
抵死 =D: 英會考狀元 不懂寫父中文名

thanks God there is internet now which i could gain access to almost everything..!
P.S. i will have my first maths test tomorrow… grey :(

Today, I prefer solitude.

Chicken Teriyaki Lunch  + Coke — 7 USD
男親女愛 youtube
Posted 3 postcards in US post office @ Student Center — 0.94 USD x 3
I asked for a glue..but found out that US stamps are actually stickers !!
My table lamp could hold pencil and mobile..as you can see from the picture!
Today there’s a boston tour going on ..but I really have to study for ASE
and i’ve been to harvard square chinatown downtown crossing already…
but then, i want to sleep for a while now.. =_=

maybe today is a implication of my future life.. getting take away to my dorm
and indulged into solitude, which I used to do in LPC.

just because , 5 days of INTENSE SOCIALING is too tiring for me..
and i have a running nose already….in this ‘warmest’ weather in Boston -_-
time to get some work ..(after my nap!)

scroll 下個blog, 原來都幾耐冇打過中文,除左”剪完頭髮灰到盡宣言” 之外..咁打下啦
做數做到唔想做, 唉..真係好耐冇做過數的說, 但又係重要..但又冇乜心情…-_-
聽日就溫diagnostics, 我唔想承認我從心底都抗拒緊數學..因為我要讀engineering的說
(天音: 唔中意就唔好讀麻..”) 但身為一個非鑽石型 多切面的理科生… 實在冇乜選擇…..
唉 -__________-“”‘

Lilaoshi 金句大派用場: CHANCE + PASSION + ABILITY !!!!!!!!!!

6-day Boston review

in place of bullet points and photos, maybe I should evaluate my first week in boston expressively :p
The first bunch of people I met are international students. nothing new as things go like UWC! very happy to meet another 7 UWCers, though we went to different schools..the bonding is unimaginably strong between us.

As expected and nothing to be ashamed of, I am always (or only) hanging out with asian friends. It is a natural tendency to group with familiar faces, right? It also explains why I’ve been speaking Mandarin more than English..(what? yes @_@) Finally realized I suck in both language -_- hahaa. but i feel happy that Mandarin is such a dominating language in Asia!! woohooo.. and as expected too, have no intention to befriend with any Latinos..na im not racist, but that’s nature.

T-subway, travel to Chinatown and Harvard Square. No. 1 Bus, $1.25 to Harvard Square. 10 mins walk from Simmons to Student Center. That’s the only way I know to go around Boston, i.e. Im still a tourist here. Give up buying a bike, as it is $$ and its troublesome to lock it up safely.

I found out I have nothing much that i reaaaally want to write at this moment. THINGS ARE EXPENSIVE. Food aren’t too good, but i could still survive. In fact technically I have not interact with any Americans classmates yet, so this is a very preliminary review on MIT/Boston, but well, I like this place, perfect weather :) (for now.)

Ko Cheuk On

today !!
1. deposit to the bank
2. Pasta lunch
3. Shopping tour at Target..bought lotssss of stuffs.. bought a table lamp without a switch!! what the hell..”but it looks good so i hv to bear with it =________=”  ai grey jor …”” do u think i should buy a new one?
4. Met Ko Cheuk On !!!!!!! (see photo) hahaha~~~ XDD really dont expect our recounter will be in MIT ah ha
nice to meet you and ur mum!
5. Japanese dinner at wakamama with some asians..please see photo for description again!