Step into Sept

Step into Sept

2 more days (or tomorrow at HK time zone) will be September.
September implies:
1. turning 19 years old ,meeting my roomate in new york
2. school starts, juggling the 5 classes
3. ECA starts, Kendo, Acappella, HKSS, PE Dance
4. Everything back on track, life as a student continues.

Again, every day in here I am facing sth completely new, adapting it, and store them in my ‘experience’ folder
Topping the 54-credit, 5 classes and 1 FAS, are you really ready for that?
Never a maths person…let’s see how these classes would influence my choice in my major.
I am still kind of determined to take Course 1 and 21.F (right, finally feel comfortable with the numbers!)
maybe I will end up majoring in Mangement and minor in Japanese.
But not taking engineering at MIT seems a big loss, as there is only one-time chance to be here.

talking about =one-time chance in life=.. everything seems so no-big-deal.
coz its just a part in ur life, no matter how good or bad that is, TIME WILL PUSH YOU THROUGH.
next stage, next stage, next stage, then is death. That’s what life is about.
We couldnt change the LENGTH of time, but we could extend the width and depth.
that’s what im doing now.

我間房就係 樂車頂沸, 唔彷唔頂肺真係


1. schedule
2. CityDay—weeding and watering in Urban Boston Park
3. advisormeeting..etc.etc…just very busy}
4. moved

Fi0ni, please forgive urself for not organizing memories properly and typing details out
yea probably the memories in these few days will be lost in the future… but im really tired now

For real.

today is the greyest day since I arrived Boston
1. im overwhelmed by knowing the courses in details,
feeling school is getting near, and things just get out of hand.
2. Found out simmons dont really have asians, even yes are those b!tchy ones…luckily i still hv my roomie..maybe its a good thing so i can really try to mix….but let’s see…../_\ is very tiring to speak english always and meeting non-asians…
3. So for real, my courses goes:
Calculus     18.01A, 18.02A
Physics      8.01
Chemistry  5.112
Japanese    5
Globalization 21F.076

Seminar GPS
PE Fencing
4. greyest thing, got the accept the reality that there is no excuses in store anymore.




MIT ’12
Current City:
Cambridge, MA
Tai Wai, Hong Kong

back in 2 years ago…the above info of me is simply impossible to happen.


After living in a boarding school for 2 years (+ exposing myself to different external activities) I’ve found there is an inner tendency in me, inclining to solitude. Its not something Im proud of, or especially happy about. but at least, I found the time being alone is precious, meaningful and spiritually fulfilling.

Put on my earphones, turn on my mind, turn off my mouth. Cook my favourite noodles, type my blog, play my Typing-Speed.

More than once I was asked “what’s your real hobbies?” answers will be like:
1. japanese culture and language..but not exactly a hobby, an activity?
2. facebook. too common though
3. Blogging and playing typing speed, its embrassing to unveil my 宅女ID
4. (super fake ones) Chemistry and doing volunteer work!

Anyway…what’s good to be alone is, there is no need to be fake, 100% honest and truthful.
self-heart-talk need not to filter anything.
Call me anti-social, it makes who I am.

(P.S. nah, im not anti-social during Orientation period, I dont dare to :p  Definitely its very fun to play, explore and chill out with new friends too! )

I mean..sometimes u can’t always be fettered by all these mainstream standard and judgement, if =feasible=,  just be what you are. Orientation is understandable..but after that, I can’t be Miss. Friendly 24/7.

To conclude,
“Don’t you know I’m so tired of it all

P.P.S. for the first time commented as with British accent!!! hahaha